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FlightPath® is a 'competitive exclusion' product that contains the entire natural avian gut microflora derived from healthy pathogen free birds. It is designed for use in pigeons to establish or re-establish the natural gut microflora following an event that has produced an imbalance.

An imbalance in the gut microflora can be caused by:

  • Physiological changes induced by stress due to racing, pairing, diet change and moulting.
  • Medication such as antibiotics.

This imbalance can be addressed in pigeons using FlightPath®.


FlightPath® helps to prevent Salmonella and E.coli colonising the gut.

FlightPath® contains millions of bacteria from a wide range of benign bacterial species.

The bacteria in FlightPath® have many beneficial effects:

  • Produce bacteriocins that damage pathogenic bacteria.
  • Produce organic acids that damage pathogenic bacteria
  • Out compete pathogenic bacteria for nutrients available in the gut.
  • Prevent pathogenic bacteria attaching to the walls of the gut.
  • Release nutrients from complex foods and make them available for absorption.
  • Produce vitamins that can be absorbed by the gut.
  • Flightpath is available in foil laminate sachets,each containing sufficient for 50 birds and is supplied in multiples of 6 or 12 sachets.

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The full text of our leaflet, Quick Guide and information flyer for FlightPath® are available on the Downloads page

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